Helping raise awareness around mental health while celebrating a diverse field of artists and builders. This community exhibition raises money for mental health charities.


The Cerulean Project is about giving back, building a strong community, raising awareness around mental health, and providing resources to help those in need. This group art exhibition, open to model builders from around the world, showcases participants’ art online and in a printed book.

During the build window, information and discussions around mental health will take place online. At the end of the build window, we will showcase all the artist’s works online and in a printed hardcover book and magazine. Through the sales of merchandise and books, we will raise money for The Trevor Project, a charity providing mental health services to youth.

Our goal is two-part: to change the stigma around talking about mental health and to have an amazing art show celebrating artists from around the world.

1 in 4 adults will struggle at some point in their life with mental health and it’s important to us to help those in need find the help, community, and understanding needed to have a healthy and happy life.

Over the course of the build window, we will share information about mental health. We hope to have interviews and others share their stories of struggle and success. If there is a topic or information you would like to learn about or for us to share, please reach out and let us know.

This will be the fifth year of the show and I am really excited to do this again. This is and always has been a safe space for people.


As with last year, the criteria for entering the cerulean project is simple in order to allow artists of all forms of the building world to participate.

Color: Red

The color red must be used in some capacity in your build. This helps established a unifying theme for the show and book.

WIP or Fresh Build

The piece you intend to submit can be a WIP or fresh build but must be completed between August 01 thru November 01. This can be a new kit, scratch build, kit-bash, miniature, 3Dprint.

Pick a Class: Open to any scale model, miniature, scratch build

Opened up to more options within our hobby.


I wanted to give back to the gunpla/plamo community by providing a group exhibition and raising awareness around mental health to foster a more positive conversation around the subject. Many of us suffer from the stress of everyday life which can impact our mental health and overall well-being. By creating a positive and constructive dialog around mental health issues I hope to help those in need and provide resources to better understand the issues associated with mental health.


I am new to the builder community, I started building models in March of 2020 when the pandemic hit. I have struggled with mental health issues and building helps with the stresses of life.

MY goals

To provide a positive and safe space to share your works of art while learning about mental health and providing resources to learn from or share. I want to create a more constructive dialog around mental health.

Charity Action

As part of the cerulean project, all profits from the sales of items will be donated on behalf of The Cerulean Project to the Trevor Project.


The Trevor Project is our charity of choice last year and again this year. We find thier work to help youth especially in the LGBTQ+ community extremely important to the well-being of our youth.

"Your support helps fund The Trevor Project, a nonprofit that provides suicide prevention, crisis intervention, and mental health services for LGBTQ youth."


I get asked a few questions especially when the show gets rolling so I wanted to provide some Q&A for everyone interested.

Yes, anyone can participate as long as their model meet the basic criteria set forth above. If it doesn’t meet the criteria it cannot be entered. No exceptions.

No, this is an art show celebrating the community of artists. At the end, all the works will complied in a book and magazine you can purchase.

Start by clicking on any of the register buttons and filling out the application. Along with your information, you will be asked to state your intent with participating in the show. It will help ensure that people are serious about participating and understand that artists are held to a certain amount of responsibility or will potentially be removed from the show.

Please tag your work #ceruleanproject so people can see what you are working on.

Register so I can set up a folder for you

•Follow the Criteria•

At the end of the show I will be following up with everyone about assets for the book. I create a physical book of 100 artists works to be printed and sold to raise money for the Trevor Project. There will also be a Magazine that will showcase every artists who completes their entry. The registered artists who complete their entry will have their art showcased in the online digital showcase on Instagram. If you want to participate in the book I’ll need a few things.

1. High-Res Photography will be required. 3-6 pics. Check out the artists works to see an example of types of photography. If you do not request guidance and submit images that do not meet the requested specs you will risk being removed from the show. Further information on taking and submitting photos will be provided during the project

2. You will need information about the kit, your desired name if its @insta or John Doe.

• Build Name

• Build details such as model type, scratch build, etc.

• A story or details paragraph about your build, again check out the artists works for an example.

• Materials/Modifications

3. Have fun, the build window will be for 3 months and during that time tag your build with #ceruleanproject so everyone can see what you are working on.

4. Don’t be a dick, the Cerulean project is about mental health and being a good member of the community. There is a code of conduct that all artists are held to, violating this code of conduct will result in immediate removal and future bans from participating in the project.

If you want to take part in the book, you will need to have your Photography and Copy Document completed and in your drive folder by November 1st. I do not provide extensions unless its an extreme circumstance.

NO, your entire build does not need to be red but you need to use red in some fashion as this is the unifying color for the show. Last year was green, this year is red and next year will be a different color.

Yes you can, this year is open to all sorts of options in the scale model space. This means you can enter a plane, car, sofubi, tanks, 3d print, scratch build, etc.  All artists will be asked to submit some simple information at the end outlining their build for the book.

Hell yes you can! Kitbash and scratch builds are more than welcome.

Yes you can, head over to the store on the site to purchase clothing, books and stickers.

Soft-goods & Home-goods are produced by a company called Printful. This allows us to offer the products to a global customer base. If you have any sort of issue with your printed goods besides the book, then you will need to contact Printful to resolve. They are very helpful and quick to help.

No, I make no money off of the sale of merchandise or this show in anyway. The project is funded by myself and sponsors who believe in the show and help us get the books made. All profits from the books and clothing sales are donated to the Trevor Project at the end of the year.

To give back to the community that has been so kind to me. I think having printed media is a fun way to take our art offline and into our hands. I also want to raise awareness around mental health and create a space where it is more open, accepted, and shared to help anyone who might be suffering. It is about building something beautiful with with a group and creating a meaningful and supportive community.