Our goal is to maintain the integrity and values of The Cerulean Project and our annual art show. We appreciate your support and commitment to these principles.


Together, let’s create an inspiring and supportive space for all who love model building!


At The Cerulean Project, we are committed to fostering a respectful and inclusive art community. This extends to our annual art show, where we expect all participants to uphold these values. We understand that behaviors outside our platform, especially on social media, can impact the integrity of our community. Here is our approach to addressing such issues:

1. Policy on Past Behavior

Any past behavior involving hate speech or discrimination may impact eligibility for participation in our art show.

This includes conduct on social media, even if it occurred years ago.

2. Evidence Verification

All reports or evidence, such as screenshots from social media, are thoroughly verified for authenticity.

We strive to ensure the information is accurate and contextual.

3. Right to Respond

Individuals accused of such behavior are given an opportunity to respond to the allegations before a decision is made.

4. Consistency in Enforcement

We apply our policies consistently and fairly to all participants.

Each case is evaluated independently, based on the same set of standards.

5. Privacy and Confidentiality

All investigations are conducted with utmost respect for the privacy and confidentiality of all parties involved.

6. Periodic Review

Individuals previously removed for misconduct may be reconsidered for future participation, subject to a review of their conduct since the incident.

7. Community Input

Decisions often involve input from a diverse panel or committee to ensure balanced judgment.

8. Transparent Communication

While specific details remain confidential, our general policies and decision-making processes are communicated transparently to the community.

9. Education and Awareness

We promote understanding and awareness about the impact of hate speech and discrimination, encouraging a more inclusive environment.